You don't need to be someone you're not to succeed.

As a veteran senior leader in tech and finance, dyed-in-the-wool introvert, and coach to high performing introverts, my guiding principles are:

  • Introversion is an asset, not a liability. It's an open secret that many successful executives are introverts.

  • You don't need to be more 'confident' or 'dynamic.' There is no need to adopt a fake persona.

  • Introverts often possess leadership advantages like integrity, vision, focus, and - dare I say - gravitas.

  • There may be a few helpful leadership skills you can build. But this process is simple and straightforward. It's not painfully awkward, mind-numbingly boring, or impossibly difficult.




Individual coaching

Work with me 1:1 to address a key challenge or opportunity. Many of my clients are engineers, MBAs, PhDs, and lawyers by training. Common coaching topics include managing difficult conversations, re-designing your career path, and increasing impact and influence. I coach by phone and in person in San Francisco and Oakland.

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group Workshops

Bring your team together for interactive, skill-building workshops. From brown bag lunches to deep dive training programs, workshop topics include:

  • Leadership development for introverts
  • Overcoming impostor syndrome
  • Building influence without authority

Contact me to learn more about scheduling an event at your organization.

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yoga & retreats

Love yoga and meditation? Take a break from everyday life for a few hours (or days) to get clarity on your next steps in work and life. I am passionate about the intersection of leadership development and yoga practice. Once you try it, you will be too!

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I coach high performing introverts to build a career and leadership style that fits who you really are.

In 2009, I trained as a leadership coach at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Prior to coaching, I had 10+ years of management experience in technology, finance, and consulting. Most recently Senior Director of Product at Visa, I am also a veteran of Amazon, IDEO, Deutsche Bank, and the Federal Reserve.

I hold an MBA from Stanford University and a BA in economics, magna cum laude, from Columbia University.

Since 2014, I am also a yoga teacher, after completing a 200 hour teacher training focused on yin yoga.